America’s First Solar-Powered Smart Tag.

Small and Light!

The heart of the HerdFinder system is in the solar-powered tags. It attaches to the animal’s ear just like a regular tag, but this is where location and health data is collected. Since our tags are solar-powered, there’s no need to worry about removing the tags to re-charge or replacing batteries. The sun does all the work.

Software Interface

All data collected on each of your animals and the herd is sent to an easy-to-use web interface. Updates are gathered about every 15 minutes, so you always know the status and location of your herd. It is accessible to you wherever you have internet connection, on desktop and mobile, so you can monitor 24/7/365.


Real-time tracking with rewind

Geofencing/theft alerts via text

Tag tampering alerts via text

Tags are transferable

Pair cows

Maximize planting crops with your personal data

Behavioral monitoring

No movement alerts via text

Temperature monitoring alerts

Breeding alerts via text

Birthing alerts via text

Herd health records

Customized Farm Name

All in one easy to use app!





The gateway is the communication hub for the entire HerdFinder system. It takes the data coming in from the tags via a radio link and sends it to the HerdFinder software interface through a cellular data connection. The gateway network system keeps the monthly data cost low, and at a set cost, so you can monitor herds of any size.

Tracking data is automatically sent to all your connected devices — Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone. Monitor your herd anywhere, anytime!

A Patented System with 20-Year Exclusivity in the US!

Provisional Patents Approved:

Patent #16/727,736

Method of Implementing a Lightweight, Electronic Ear Tag for Location Tracking and GeoFencing Tasks 

Available for the public to view soon on the U.S patent website

Patent #16/815,280

Apparatus Patent

Available for the public to view soon on the U.S patent website