The tracking system that monitors your herd’s location no matter where you may be.

A New Solution to an Old Problem

Throughout the life of a rancher keeping an eye on your herds, keeping them secure from theft or monitoring health and wellness was a big part of your job.  One missing steer means missing profit, but it is not always practical to always be watching your herd where they are at.

That is the mission of HerdFinder, to give ranchers a tracking system that allows them to monitor their herds at any time and at any location.  We do this with a solar-powered tracking tag, that is about the same size, weight, and attaches just like a regular cattle tag that allows you to monitor movement and sends you alerts when an animal leaves a pre-designated area due to health or theft. 


  • Geofencing
  • Theft alerts sent when outside of Geofence
  • Monitor health and behavior
  • Tag can go on other large animals
  • Tags are transferrable
  • Light weight tag
  • Helps monitor cattle theft

Possible benefits:


  • Track free range cattle that get lost in storms
  • Our tag makes it humane for smaller animals like goats to not wear large heavy collars
  • Can help keep rural roads clear of cows being out of the fence
  • Can help prevent cattle owners from being sued from wandering cattle
  • Can help show how cattle move and graze for data
  • Can help with alerting cattle owners when the cow is calving.

The HerdFinder System

Patent Pending

Track Tags

The heart of the HerdFinder system is in the solar-powered tags. It attaches to the animal’s ear just like a regular tag, but this is where location and health data is collected. Our tags are also solar-powered, so no need to worry about removing the tags to re-charge or replacing batteries, the sun does all the work.

Gateway Network

The gateway is the communication hub for the entire HerdFinder system. It takes the data coming in from the tags via a radio link and sends it to the HerdFinder software interface through a cellular data connection. The gateway network system keeps the monthly data cost low, and at a set cost, so you can monitor herds of any size.

Software Interface

All data collected on each of your animals and the herd is sent to an easy-to-use web interface. Updates are gathered about every 15 minutes, so you know the status and location of your herd. It is accessible to you wherever you have internet connection, on desktop and mobile, so you can monitor 24/7/365.

Born in the heart of cattle country

The idea for HerdFinder was born in Oklahoma, right in America’s heartland, where cattle and ag is the lifeblood of our rural areas. And when you think of tech innovation, you often think of Silicone Valley, far away from cattle country, but that is where we are different. Development of HerdFinder has been done in the growing tech hub in Oklahoma City, an area surrounded by ranches. We know this brings the very best of ag and tech together to deliver great innovations that make ranch life a whole lot easier.

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