About HerdFinder

The patented HerdFinder system contains three components, the wearable (or tag) that goes on the animal, the gateway that the wearable (or tag) communicates and transmits field data to, and then the software interface that makes the field data accessible to the rancher.


The Idea

HerdFinder began when cattleman Andy Jones saw the need for his and his father’s herds. The idea was for a tag to track the cattle’s movement remotely from a software interface and have alerts sent to the rancher’s phone. To address power concerns for the tag and not introduce routine maintenance to the wearable hardware such as charging or battery replacement, it would be powered with solar energy. With the support of his dad, Andy founded HerdFinder and found an Oklahoma team to begin development of the device, infrastructure, and software.

Built in the Heart of Cattle Country

The idea for HerdFinder was born in Oklahoma, right in America’s heartland, where cattle and ag is the lifeblood of our rural areas. When you think of tech innovation, you often think of Silicone Valley, far away from cattle country, but development of HerdFinder has been done in the growing tech hub in Oklahoma City, an area surrounded by ranches. We know this brings the very best of ag and tech together to deliver great innovations that make ranch life a whole lot easier.


The heart of the HerdFinder system is in the solar-powered tags. It attaches to the animal’s ear just like a regular tag, but this is where location and health data is collected. Our tags are also solar-powered, so no need to worry about removing the tags to re-charge or replacing batteries. The sun does all the work.


The gateway is the communication hub for the entire HerdFinder system. It takes the data coming in from the tags via a radio link and sends it to the HerdFinder software interface through a cellular data connection. The gateway network system keeps the monthly data cost low, and at a set cost, so you can monitor herds of any size.

Software Interface

All data collected on each of your animals and the herd is sent to an easy-to-use web interface. Updates are gathered about every 15 minutes, so you know the status and location of your herd. It is accessible to you wherever you have internet connection, on desktop and mobile, so you can monitor 24/7/365.


A Unique, Patented System! 

20-year exclusivity for HerdFinder solar-powered tracking tags in the U.S.!

Provisional Patents Approved:

Patent #16/727,736

Method of Implementing a Lightweight, Electronic Ear Tag for Location Tracking and GeoFencing Tasks 

Available for the public to view soon on the U.S patent website

Patent #16/815,280

Apparatus Patent

Available for the public to view soon on the U.S patent website