Invent and Facilitate Herd & Game Management products and services.

At HerdFinder, we value:  Customer-Driven Innovation, Challenging Solutions & Alternative New Century Technology. Our goal is to produce the newest and best solutions for Herd & Game tracking. Unlike RFID tags, our products do not require costly field equipment. Without the massive upfront costs of RFID systems, HerdFinder is able to offer reasonable solutions for any size herd.

HerdFinder understands the world of Game & LiveStock. Over the years our Founder's family has owned over 100 head of Rocky Mountain Elk, Bison, Zebras, Camels, Ostriches, Water Buffalo, Giraffes, Horses, Goats & 100's of Cattle.

We sought to simplify herd management by tagging individual animals with easy to use technology. Our myHerd app exemplifies this mission. Our 24 hour, real-time solution allows the customer immediate access to their herd. From location-monitoring, geoFence notifications, activity-tracking, health reports and weather conditions, the my Herd app is the link between the customer and their herd. Simple and easy to use...is more than a statement, it's a philosophy at HerdFinder.

1) Give Farmers and Game Ranchers low cost alternatives to herd maintenance.
2) Customer Satisfaction remains our primary goal.
3) To simplify and provide common-sense solutions for today's farmers and ranchers